Germany useful information


Useful information

If you have already decided that Germany is the right decision for you then this is a tailor-made offer exactly for you. We offer you also an opportunity to sign up for the program longer time before traveling. For those whose life situation Candidates who would like to go abroad immediately will be included in the URGENT Au-pair list what helps them to be preffered in whole process. will change during the registration process we can always find a solution. If you have decided to travel in a different date or you need to change the length of the stay after your registration don´t worry, just let us know about it and we will arrange what is needed to meet your wishes.

We also require:

  • 1 - 2 personal photos,
  • 2-5 pictures with children, friends or family - these photos are very important, because it is your first presentation before your potential host family,
  • letter with basic information, personal interests, experiences with children and reasons why you want to work as an au pair that is addressed to the host family,
  • medical certificate,
  • extract from the police records (has to be deliver before the traveling date).

Registration is the first important step thanks to which we are able to find you a host family. After your placement into new host family we will send you a letter of acceptance from host family. We will also send you contracts, necessary materials, flight offers and tickets. There is also a possibility to provide you an health insurance.